Why Californians Should Vote YES on PROP 26, In-Person, Tribal Sports Wagering Act:

For more than 20 years, California voters have entrusted Indian tribes with the right to operate highly regulated casinos on their tribal lands, helping promote Indian self-sufficiency while generating tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions in economic opportunity for California’s economy.

To build on this legacy, the Coalition for Safe, Responsible Gaming, led by California Indian Tribes, has formed to urge a YES vote on Prop 26, the in-person, Tribal Sports Wagering Act, which will authorize highly regulated in-person sports wagering at tribal casinos.

Prop 26 Authorizes Highly Regulated In-Person Sports Wagering at Tribal Casinos

  • Prop 26 will authorize in-person sports wagering at tribal casinos and 4 licensed horse racetracks.
  • Prop 26 will also authorize additional table games including craps and roulette at tribal casinos.
  • Prop 26 will establish safeguards to ensure safe, responsible sports wagering by:
    • Limiting participation to adults
    • Prohibiting advertising to minors
    • Protecting against underage gambling by requiring individuals to be physically present to place bets, with ID and age verification checks
  • Prop 26 strengthens enforcement against illegal gambling activities and provides resources to prevent and treat problem gambling.

Prop 26 Bolsters Tribal

  • Tribal casinos serve as the primary economic engine for tribal self-sufficiency in California—providing tribal communities with access to vital services like health care, housing, infrastructure and education.
  • Prop 26 will empower tribes to build upon their legacy of being responsible stewards of legal gaming in California and honors the state's decades long commitment to Indian tribes by creating new sources of revenue, jobs and opportunities for tribal communities.
  • Prop 26 will also help limited and non-gaming tribes by increasing funds distributed through the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund.

Prop 26 Creates Jobs and Economic Opportunities for All CA

  • Tribal casinos also provide over 150,000 jobs for Californians and $12.4 billion in wages, generate $26.9 billion for the state economy and contribute nearly $1.2 billion in taxes and revenues to the state and $489 million to local governments annually.
  • Further, tribal casinos attract visitors and increase foot-traffic to their respective communities—ensuring money is spent at local businesses and providing tax revenues to cities and counties.
  • Under Prop 26, tribal casinos will grow as economic engines and destinations—generating new jobs, increasing local spending and creating additional economic opportunities for California communities.

Prop 26 Generates Tens of Millions to Support State Priorities

  • According to a report by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst, Prop 26 will result in "increased state revenues, potentially reaching the tens of millions of dollars annually."
  • The millions generated by Prop 26 will be available for public schools, mental health programs, public safety, wildfire prevention, affordable housing, senior services and other state priorities.